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Wealth of Help (http://www.wealthofhelp.com) is a private company that provides help on finding unclaimed money and funds held by various financial institutions. Unclaimed money usually takes the form of life insurance proceeds, rent deposits, refunds, uncashed checks, old checking accounts, old savings accounts, lost stock certificates, royalties, child support payments, etc. Unclaimed funds occur because most State laws require businesses, financial institutions, etc. to report when an account has been inactive for a long period of time and the owner cannot be located. In these situations, the money in the account is considered an “unclaimed property” or “unclaimed fund” and the original owner can reclaim that property at a future date. Approximately 26 million Americans have unclaimed funds owed to them and do not even know it. When you register with Wealth Of Help you will get a password that grants access to a huge database of government grants, government jobs, free money programs, tutorials, personal contacts, etc. WealthOfHelp.com’s service costs $1.95 during the risk-free trial and then a recurring monthly membership free of $39.95. WealthofHelp.com’s website has a forum and various articles on unclaimed money, unclaimed property, free money, finding money, etc.

*FindMyUnclaimedCash.com works with unclaimed cash providers, but does not actually provide these services itself.

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