FoundMoney ( was founded by Mr. Palonek after his parents passed away in 1994. He realized how difficult it was to retrieve unclaimed funds from financial institutions and decided to do something about it. aggregates the North American records of unclaimed funds and makes them available online. In 2006, ABC News reported that approximately $22.8 billion in unclaimed money and assets are currently being held by the Government. The average amount per person is $920. Oprah Winfrey has had Mr. Palonek on her show and stated that 9 in 10 people in North America have unclaimed money. Thousands of people have used and claimed their lost tax refunds, missing money, bank accounts, forgotten dividends, unclaimed properties, etc. The company’s service costs $19.95 for 60 day access and $24.95 for 1 year access.’s website has additional information on frequently asked questions, buying a membership, searching for money, and customer testimonials.

* works with unclaimed cash providers, but does not actually provide these services itself.

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